Baby Gangnam Style (Official Video)

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This is the Official Video of Baby Gangnam Style For more info go to: Copyrights ® 2012. FBsound.


slizoun001 says:

to jsou cvičený opice v prevleku

Pornochromatic says:

This video actually creeps me out… O_o

kodi climo says:

oh so cute i wish i was a baby and put on youtube

TheRockersjoint69 says:


rebealva76 says:

Crappen hillarious!!!! :)

Thanh Lam says:

tôi là người VN

Nichole Turner says:

If i walked by seeing a bunch of babies dancing like that, i would sh** bricks

Nichole Turner says:

thats soo cute!!

Mari W. Sletvold says:


tonyzamora43 says:

Hahahahaha they crack me up :-P

paulquick33 says:

very good

sophie gourlay says:


drtee51 says:

YES! this is GREAT! I’m crackin’ up!

Happykingchente Elamigo says:

aaaaaa cools!

Angelicaliciousful says:

Awww this is an old Evian commercial

Ayse Fistikci says:

so cute!

Hellen Rumengan says:

You go babies

Melonmeloniasty says:


LoveGitaarGirl says:

The baby’s are good, but the clip is from Michel Jakson

blue4arekkusu says:

I’m sure this was meant to be cute, but I found it rather disturbing :p

Starwarsmilo says:

sooooooooo Geil!!!!

gbertagb says:

Sou do Brasil.

Rene Lopez says:

esto esta genial jajajajajaja

delaneyg2003 says:

I’m just like yay babies but when I’m watching it I’m like oh okayyyyy

drfish5313 says:

XD nice photoshopping, dude

mario andres castro says:

este video es de poca osea espetacular

Emily wells says:

”Baby nan non”’ is the Baby ! GOoo BAbies!

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