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Compilation video of absolutely hilarious baby videos from around the Internet. We got a lot of great scare pranks from our fans since last Halloween. Feel f…

NoseFrida The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator
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Glenn Bravy says:

Right Click
Stop Download

Chuck Norris says:

1.. Right click
2.. Stop download
3.. Boobs

fangsea says:

FOXTROT-UNIFORM-CHARLIE-KILO There he is… look at him! Goddamn that son-of-a-bitch is coming! Look at this. He blew up an engine. Equipment. We need equipment!

GamerlK Extremo says:

and you want mine

TysonLee38 says:

This video is crap.

Stefan Piotrowski says:


MCLocious says:

– Right click video
– “Stop downloading”
There you have your boobs…

Laking613 says:

Right click and select ‘Stop download’

PerplexityStudios says:

It’s the dirty scheme they use to get views!!! I keep falling for it. Every fucking time.

chefty86 says:

Have a guilty boner from thumbnail…  -.-

noah11677 says:

right click the video and press stop download you will thank me later

Daemondeserteagle says:

I do not find it comical in any way that a baby burned its finger on a candle.

Saomai K says:

why would you let a baby that close to a candle?

bluebubblehan says:

stupid sound affects

Steven Plum says:

Nope. That’s all I came for too. I don’t think what babies do is funny at all.

YugoLove046 says:

right click in screen and then stop download.

Hi Fook says:

Clearly I came just for the titts.

Hi Fook says:

WHERE ARE MY TITTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Username156254 says:

the baby on the thumbnail just makes it awkward

LordKira says:

i clicked for tits

XXorsi says:


Cut136 says:

where the fuck are the boobs?

outcast668 says:

I guess for once I’m happy I didn’t see boobs. When is this perversion side of me gonna quit?

outcast668 says:

Yes, that was a self-reflecting comment. Both aimed at the owner and myself.

kennyLmitchell says:

anyone else come here just for the boobs?

bigdreamer66 says:

That woman holding the candle and lets the baby get burned is a total idiot!

StreetRhyms says:

Came for the boobs… Punny

lolitabrunette says:

hm no i got two already thx tho

Bajon666 says:

people see my chanel and my films please. ;)

DeadlyxRemedy says:

1. Right Click On Video

2. Stop Download

3. Pretend to be that baby

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nvks says:

ну что это

lpmjph says:

i loaded the video and waited for one of these comments.

Matt smith says:

So f#ck

Matt smith says:


htbfnfbtf6 says:

0:38 that kids gonna grow up and be a pro drummer

Jordyn Brown says:

DUDE. dafuq??? the little girl at 0:23 has no top peice on. parenting, why must you pick idiots. @.@

Romaine Lumsden says:

not that funny
my baby sister did not laugh
can you dig that sucker
wresling song


Loved the little drummer boy

rbenci1 says:

0:17 better than a twilight love story

rhavelbaby says:

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Gerardo Palafox says:

This is so un2013

Job Oosterbaan says:


chyodo1 says:

To cute, I thought the one with the Child eating the lemon was the Cutest ..SHEMHAMFORASH

victoria guevara says:

awww jaja re tiernosy divertidoos

ModernMomReviews says:

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