LITTLE YELLOW CHICKADEE – Funny song for babies and kids – Lovely music for children

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FunnyFunny Silva says:


Juju Papapa says:

My baby like it. Thanks.

Lottie Dottie says:


Lottie Dottie says:

Thank you.

katiecutiekidsTV says:

sweet video!

Lottie Dottie says:

Thank you!

Yagami Raito says:

0:22 DAT ASS

Alejo Perdomo says:

my babie like it

Alejo Perdomo says:


Jamell Daniels says:


Hamza Munir says:

my brother likes it! thank you for posting this!

Priscilla Schunig says:

Wow! Le prochaine version in french! Please! My baby will go speak portuguese, english and french! I am very happy with this version!

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