Top 10 Funny Baby Videos in 2012

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pabloarredondo58 says:

Glirs fucky bucti littel gilrs

sh123529 says:

gays u have to suffer hmmm or what?

Nikita Artamonov says:

WTF ?!?!?!!?!?!? it says 10 videos not one fucking woman

Artur Orszag says:


Joshua Ray says:

that little guy is def not gay

lollilovesgoofy says:

We’re us their parents??lol

lollilovesgoofy says:


Nadeeya Naazneen says:

Wow, that little boy is like a magnet..

Littlelisa555 says:

Man he just can’t let huh?I guess boys of all age have a hard time accepting regection.They just love a challenge!!

Elton Medrado says:

This my life

lizeniasasa123 says:

The girl is not nice with the baby boy but the baby boy is so cute

lizeniasasa123 says:

I did not like the girl

achilisish says:

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marcela pencoff says:

mas lindos ese nene es un ganador jajajaja

Ender1337otron says:


merieroserodda says:

Who teach the baby like thats bad????????are the baby see that in the parent’s or teach the parents like that because the parent’s is vieoding like that im was wondering hhmmmmm……..

Emily Luff says:

That baby really wants a kiss xxx

harleyjamesb says:

Just kick the boy

rsloverboys says:

He will become a Big Flirt one day

Loudeboss says:

music anyone?

Jasmine Nguyen says:

that kinda sad the poor baby being pushed

ziggyg02ify says:


Umi2110 says:

he never gives up. LOL.

secretorganisation says:

both are sibling
boy imitate his mother kissing and bending over doggy style

holypredator says:

Barney Stinson… Is that you?

SuperJpboss says:

it says top 10 not top you big fat bitch

chillin chico says:

If you’re going to be a douchebag, at least write a complete sentence.

Jonathan Lim says:

lol what determination to hug a girl

harsh bansal says:


Savannah Haefort says:

That’s the spirit!!

MrKillCube says:

What determiantion from that boy

evelyn diaz says:

Only if guys were like that boy -____- smh …

YaoikittyDump says:

He’s totally asking her on date, come on gurl. Don’t do that, he’s trying so hard D:

Mikey T says:

tha tlittle boy is gonna grow up 2 be a rapist lol…

Jordan Dickstein says:

That’s exactly what I said @ Miley T

jay pyron says:

the title should be” ten knock downs and ten come backs”… that young man is no quitter.

Mandy Huynh says:


the3walkingdeadfans says:

Dont stop little boy keep going when ur older and she is 2 she’s gonna be asking u and trying 2 kiss u and then u’ll be the 1 pushing her down

Maddi Owen says:

No, I’m pretty sure it’ll be just the same.

Sammy Girl says:

Typical….they have no clue what no means XD

Krzysztof Chojna says:


MisterHappyPotato1 says:

Cutest little future rapist :3

shannonrhone54 says:

i dont like it

Thomas Donnelly says:


TheTrolololl says:

me too, i’m the girl^^

Dani Pálvölgyi says:

fuck! is this 10????

Jantzen7 says:

This is the endeavors between men and women from cradle to grave

sa8ra6 says:

Girls are bitches !!

Milu Ferrari says:

Is this 10????? Is only 1!!

Sarthak Dey says:

Still better than Twilight……

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