Cat Hugs Baby Kitten Having Nightmare

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WATCH AND LIKE MY NEW CHRISTMAS VIDEO!!!! Kitten is having night mare. Cat comforts it. This is sickeningly adorable!


Alexa Wilcox says:

It’s so cute ;_;

GoldenKnight816 says:

if it was a seizure, then how come it stopped instantly when the mother hugged it?

José Manuel Romero Lara says:

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adi lila says:

its so cute!!!!!!!!!!

Carmelita Fox says:

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww soooo mutchhh cuteness

BlueyNightmare says:

STFU dumbass

DuoAkira says:

My cat did that when I got her from a neighber. I remember that she was a fuzzy little spaz

AoOniChick123 says:

awwwwwwww :3

felix the man says:

so frick’n cute ;D

natiiQa says:

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Susan Lester says:


Lindsey Stringer says:

O soooooooooo cute

ILoveMeSomeEminem1 says:

N’aweee! :3

sweetcherrylipz says:

Awww that is so cute xxxx

bigred062487 says:

That is so adorable!!!!!! <3 this video!!!!!

MidnightroseWC says:

This is so cute!!!

MidnightroseWC says:

Um, the kitten isn’t having a seizure. It would be a lot worse if the kitten was. :|

Link Shane says:

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Puppylove230 says:

If that was a seizure, it would’ve been twitching throughout the whole video and she/he would be twitching not only its paws, but it’s whole body.

Brittany Conway says:

You don’t know what your talking about. Shhhhhuuuusssshhhhh.

halofandude123Studio says:

The mother instict would have kicked in

Faith U. says:

That is so frickin adorable

josh stilwell says:

oh yea after the day i had this video gave me a damn good laugh….

Tuirapanui says:

BAD QUALITY image!!!

324whatnot says:

HIGH QUALITY content!!!

324whatnot says:

cutest thing ever! I’ve watched it like zillion times ♥

rakshiramper1 says:

Just To Break The Cuteness up a little /watch?v=Vd6cx6G1-xo

111lilalex says:

What if the mother just got annoyed with it’s movements and held it’s arms?

Mary Brandy says:

Animals have dreams and corresponding movements just like humans and its not a seizure. Where do you get your information? I have medical experience with animals and humans and I can assure you that this is not a seizure.Its adorable and loving and so,so sweet and special. You are just trying to ruin it for people. What a downer you are. Idiot.

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